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DES Mentoring Program

For more information please contact: Anna Pattabhi 248-872-6354


Provide mentoring to Detroit Public School students to define and meet their overall educational goals & vision, overcome challenges they face related to schooling and learning, and provide support and feedback as needed. The program will strive to ensure that:

  • - Maximum number of students graduate from High School,
  • - Go on to finish college and/or other higher education and
  • - Lead lives as productive citizens of the society

Who (Mentee) is eligible for mentoring program?

- Elementary, middle or high school students

Who is eligible to become a Tutor?
  • - College Students
  • - Adults working as professionals in the Metro Detroit area

How will the Tutor be trained?

Mentors will undergo an extensive “train the trainer” workshops delivered by DES to ensure they understand their role and have the proper tools to deliver mentoring to meet the stated goals of the program

What will be the frequency of interaction between the student and tutor?

This will be decided by the mentor and mentee. However, a minimum of once a month interaction is required to ensure that goals are being met, to establish correction plans for areas needing improvement and to provide the needed guidance.

How will we know if the mentoring is successful?
  • - Mentors will provide monthly review of the tutor
  • -At the year end, school grades achievement/improvement by student and continuation into next grade and willingness to continue the program due to the benefits seen by the student and family, will be the ultimate measure of success
  • - There will be quarterly feedback to assess the mentor and mentee.

Performance measure and report out:

DES will measure the success of tutoring program by following criteria:

  • - Mentors will provide monthly review of the mentee
  • -actual improvements reported by the school in grades/performance/test scores etc
  • - feedback from teachers/principal
  • - feedback from parents
  • - feedback from “beneficiary student”
  • - feedback from mentor

Function Name Cell # email
Mentor Program Lead Anna Pattabhi 248-872-6354
Mentor Program Support Atul Kalia 248-961-7736
DES Tutor Counseler Pallawi Shrivastava 248-376-0039