Our Detroit Public School Partners


Carleton Elementary 

We have seen phenomenal improvements in the performance of these students and most importantly have helped DPS School, Carleton Elementary to come out of priority school list. This unique program has been highly appreciated and supported by Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit.


Kornerstone Charter Schools

Our vision of “Each One-Teach One” uses IT-technology for a 1:1 online tutoring in STEM (Math, Science) & English by high school students. Since Fall 2017 DES has been providing Prep-Classes in ACT/SAT for DPS High-School students. The convenient model of online-tutoring from home, office and school is the key to past 6-year success in expansion of this Educational program.


Health & Technology High-school

Since inception, we have helped CREATE a Positive Learning Environment for the students and DEVELOPED their educational standards. DES began tutoring 6 students in 2013 and by now, DES has been tutoring 200+ DPS students each week.

Our Progress

Support and Student Tutor Count



1 DPS – partner school /6 beneficiary students / 6 online-tutors / No High-school partners



3 DPS – partner schools / 80 beneficiary students / 120 online-tutors / 10 High-school partners from Metro-Detroit area



3 DPS – partner schools / 200+ beneficiary students / 140 online-tutors / 10 High-school partners from Metro-Detroit area

Our Metro-Detroit based High-School Partners