Create partnership between the high school students and Detroit public school students in 4th and 5th grade to advance the STEM education. Also give the opportunity to high school student volunteers to gain leadership experience and give back to the community.

How do you start a club at your high school?

  • Meet with a DES representative to gain information about the objectives of the program.
  • DES will guide through the Tutoring Club registration and establishment process.
  • Meet with your school principal and get approval to start the club.
  • Get enough student volunteers to be able to support tutoring at least once a week. It is recommended to maintain a 1: 2 students: tutor ratio.
  • Before starting a club, be sure to tutor for at least 3 hours under the DES volunteer program to gain experience.
  • How will DES help?

  • Provide the presentation support needed to talk to the principal of your school
  • Provide training for all new tutors in the club
  • Provide an elementary school for each high school to tutor
  • Provide lesson plans
  • Pair each high school club with an adult mentor
  • Responsibilities of a club leader:

  • Recruit new volunteers and have them go through the tutor training
  • Provide tutors with the lesson plans ahead of time
  • Manage the tutoring schedule for all the tutors
  • Record the hours volunteered for each club member and send it to DES for the recognition or incentives at the end of the year
  • Ensure a succession plan for the continuity of the club after your graduation
  • Conduct at least one fundraiser or conduct school supply drive for Detroit students
  • Report out weekly session report to DES admin
  • Tutoring Club Tutor Requirements:

  • High-school or College Students
  • Fluent in Google Hangout or skype
  • Good communication skills
  • Availability of laptop or computer with camera
  • Each Tutoring club needs to have 1 President and 1 Vice-Presidents, 1 Treasurer
  • Performance measure and report out:

    DES will measure the success of Mentoring program by following criteria:

  • Mentors will provide monthly review of the mentee
  • actual improvements reported by the school in grades/performance/test scores etc
  • feedback from teachers/principal
  • feedback from parents
  • feedback from “beneficiary student”
  • feedback from mentor
  • DES Key Contact Information

    Function Name Cell # email
    Tutor Club Manager Swati Kashyap 734-945-8315 swatick_48188@yahoo.com
    DES Admin Pallawi Shrivastava 248-376-0039 pallawi.shrivastava@gmail.com

    Troy HS DES Club

    For more information, please contact: Swati Kashyap 734-945-8315

    Function Name Cell # email

    International Academy West DES Club

    For more information, please contact: Swati Kashyap 734-945-8315

    Function Name Cell # email
    Club Mentor (1) Swati Kashyap 734-945-8315 swatick_48188@yahoo.com